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Okay, I did some sums So buying each component separately would cost you more based on 24 months of usage I really am trying very hard to justify my new contract!!! Not a bad bundle price in total, but nowt special. Must be something new because I've never had any problem applying discount code with an already discounted offer. Only thing Quidco is usually declined because of it.

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I added the code while making the order, it all went through and then there is no confirmation message or email, you can phone or talk to EE support and they will confirm your order is declined for attempting to use it. Anybody managed to nab an unlimited retention deal. Looks like EE ha e started an unlimited plan but more expensive than Three.

I managed to get a unidays code added to the basket and shows the discounted price. Might work with an NHS discount code like Blue light card if you're able to get one. I've never had any problem using NHS ones but I use it during checkout, not after. They piggy back on the EE network.

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Or a Vodafone and a Three one lol Dual sim phone. They are taking customers for mugs BT and ee are bleeding the last pennies. I would think as an EE customer you will be able to get the deal. For context, I got the deal even though my contract ran out over a year ago, but carried on a monthly rolling contract.

Not sure if you are in the same position, but always worth calling and asking. Like I said you shouldn't need to bargain much for this deal. The thing is a fixed-term contract ends by definintion whereas monthly rolling ends every month, so to speak. I don't understand either. There are no better deals from EE out there like this. I know this is a retention deal, but still everyone who has tried has succeeded in getting it?! Glad you got it anyway :. Think they let you upgrade to handset anytime after first 3 months too.

You don't even need to do that. I ordered PAYG sim and the moment it arrived rang up to enquire about special upgrade deals. Needless to say I took it. Easy peasy as this is usually offered as retention deal but I was a new customer!

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What should i say to try and get this deal? Last Day. Anybody managed to fight their way through to get this for somebody else? If so, how? It's a honey deal so be careful to remove this otherwise you'll begin to get charged after six months. Pretty solid retention deal compared with your s9 offer, give um a call. Had to migrate my number to gifgaf for a few weeks or so and then migrate back to the new MPD EE contract but it was worth it. I saved about a tenner a month over going direct with EE.

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Bargain of last century! Where do I sign All providers are crap at retention offers for the last few years I don't know why anyone would take an upgrade direct from EE. They're worse than extortionate. You don't have to be an EE customer. I bought this when it first came out. First store I went into couldn't work out how to sell it. Second one had the same issue but eventually got one.

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I have literally just been to an EE store in Central London and they made me pay the full price! When I showed them the promotion on the Wizards Unite game app, they just shook their heads and said nothing. I wouldn't have bothered buying it, however I was buying for someone else. So just make sure they actually stick the deal otherwise it's a major rip off!!

There are so many serious problems with this I hardly know where to begin. This should be illegal right now! The Internet is a free forum and shouldn't be controlled by the gatekeepers. Everyone should write a complaint to EE now! Don't stand for this! Make them stop this practice before it's too late! Nice offer, right when it starts to get colder and no one wants to go outside looking for Hagrid. Thanks good deal. Does anybody know a way to auto-gift data as it's a bit annoying having to go through the same process each month. I have added screenshots of my bill and the data allowance.

Bear in mind the 4th line is not showing up yet. Hope that hasn't just confused things! You get better deals as new customers now. Really sad as they have got really stingy with the deals. So pretty rubbish deal for a retentions deal buddy and very cold. The merger allowed customers of both T-Mobile and Orange to use each other's networks, and resulted in a hugely extended network for the new company. As EE, the company has specialised in leading the way in new technologies, such as 4G, which it began rolling out in EE has about physical stores for customers who'd like to see and experience the products the company offers before purchasing online, or to ask questions about mobile, broadband and other services that EE offers.

The online Store Finder allows customers to type in a postcode or location to find their nearest store. The extensive online presence at www. EE's speciality lies in its range of 4G phones, SIM only deals, its fibre broadband services and the range of tablets that it offers. The company also has EE TV available which offers customers a catch-up box in conjunction with its broadband service. The fibre broadband service includes the availability of a landline service, which can be bundled with EE TV.

EE also offers mobile broadband for cars. One of the company's key selling points is the extent of its ultra-fast 4G mobile network, which is the subject of an extensive marketing campaign featuring the Hollywood actor Kevin Bacon. There's a dedicated Deals tab on the EE homepage which offers e. EE constantly updates the deals both for existing and for new customers. EE also has special offers on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday each pre-Christmas season with high-value one-day only deals.

They'll be deals on contracts, as well as discounts on standalone iPhones and Android phones. If you're simply in the market for a sim card, they'll also be deals on sim only tariffs. The EE Black Friday sale is a great time to pick up a phone for your teenage children, nephews or nieces, or simply update your own phone for less. We'll list all of EE's deals right here on this page, so come back this Black Friday to save big on your next phone.

New or existing EE customers select the product or service that they want to buy and then are offered a variety of options, depending on whether a phone, tablet or broadband service has been selected. If you're buying a phone you'll have to select the calling plan that you'd like. The EE shop will automatically suggest the most popular plan and there is a "Choose this Plan" button. To see alternatives, click the blue "See all Plans" button beneath it. In addition, if you click on a "Help Me Choose" button to the right of the screen, a variety of options appears to help you choose between a:.

New customers have to create an EE account, so that regular bills can sent. All customers are kept informed by e-mail of new and regular offers from EE. Payments which apply to the airtime plan selected on phones are also offered with a minimum period of 24 months. EE offers free express delivery to any address that you designate, which can be a home or an office address.

EE uses the parcel service DPD, with an one hour time slot allocated. The service is trackable. Your order can also be delivered to any EE store, where EE advisors will help you set up the phone or other device that you have ordered. All products can be returned during a day cooling off period. Customers should contact the returns team to arrange a refund:. E-mail: channel. In all cases, a cancellation form has to be filled in, which is available on their website.

Mobile phones should be sent with the completed form in original packaging and original documentation to:.

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Broadband customers should send their completed form, with original documentation, to:. Within the fourteen day cooling off period, and provided products are as new and in original packaging, EE states that all upfront or deposit payments will be refunded and that all contracts will be cancelled. EE has its own community blog where EE customers can register, ask questions and discuss technology issues related to EE.

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Most of the UK now has decent 3G coverage, and quite a lot of it has 4G. But there still remain rural pockets with nothing at all. If you live in central London and don't plan to leave any time soon then you don't need to worry about coverage. But everyone else should at least consider it. Your choice of network will dictate what infrastructure you'll be using, and the location of your network's towers or the towers belonging to the network your provider is piggybacking will dictate how good a signal you can get in a given area. Ofcom's mobile coverage checker is a useful tool for seeing which networks can cover your area - or an area you want to visit regularly.

RootMetrics' coverage map is another useful tool for analysing likely performance in your local area. Whereas broadband deals trumpet their estimated speed from the rooftops, mobile networks are less public about the 4G speeds you should expect. Network outages are hugely frustrating, leaving you unable to access any online services until you get back to Wi-Fi. In Dec , for instance, O2 customers were disconnected for a whole day. This is another case where piggybacking is important. This is where the smaller providers can stand apart from their parent networks.

How efficient is the provider at dealing with problems, and does it offer compensation when things go wrong? Does it spam you with marketing letters? Does it get your bills wrong on a regular basis? For an analysis of these elements we turn to Which? We'd advise against going for the real bargain-basement allowances: 2GB is probably a sensible minimum to aim for. But it all depends on what you're going to be using your phone for: streaming is a particular drain. To get an idea of your requirements, read How much data do I need? And to read about ways you can reduce the amount you burn through, see How to save data on iPhone.

Yes, if you've got a new enough iPhone. We like the ability to set a monthly price cap to prevent nasty surprises when your bill arrives. Also rated top for 4G availability by Opensignal overall and for every region. Just remember to check Ofcom's coverage tool to see how EE performs in your location. Speed: Excellent, thanks to the performance of EE's network. It was rated top in Speedtest's report and wiped the floor with all of its rivals in Opensignal's survey. Customer service: Decent.

Read more on Plusnet's website. Going with Virgin Mobile makes sense if the firm already provides your broadband and TV.

We also like its data rollover features and option to change your 4G plan every month. Speed: Excellent. EE, which provides the network infrastructure that Virgin relies on, came top in Speedtest's report and Opensignal's survey. Find out more on Virgin Mobile's website. Check for the latest deals.

Customer service: Which? Find out more on BT's website. EE came top in Speedtest's report, and cleaned up in Opensignal's survey. Visit EE's website for more information. O2 also won Uswitch's Best Network Coverage award for Speed: Tesco suffers here because of its dependence on O2's infrastructure. O2 came bottom in Speedtest's report, and picked up zero awards in OpenSignal's report.

Customer service: Pretty good. Find out more on Tesco's website. As is the case with several of the firms in this article, Sky offers preferential mobile rates for those who subscribe to other Sky services. Speed: O2, whose network Sky piggybacks, came bottom in Speedtest's report. It didn't get any speed awards in OpenSignal's report, either. Find out more on Sky Mobile's website. One of the best-known and oldest operators in the market. Speed: Not good.